Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System

Product introduction

Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2

If you’re a first time spray gun user, you would definitely do well and finish well using a Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System, one of Fuji’s spray guns specifically designed for DIYers who want a professional output for their paint job projects. The item weighs 26.1 pounds with dimensions of 16 x 9.5 x 12.5 inches, and comes with a 25-ft hose. It not only carries a trusted name in the spray gun manufacturing industry but also offers great features at a fairly affordable price making it the ideal DIY spray gun.

Detailed structure of each part of the product

  • Professional non-bleed Spray Gun with Adjustable Pattern Fan Control
  • 1.3mm Air cap (pressurized 1000cc aluminum) set installed
  • 1Qt. Bottom Feed Cup
  • Metal Turbine case with handy gun holder
  • 25ft Hose with Quick-Connect includes air control valve to reduce overspray and bounce back
  • The unit also comes with a viscosity cup, a wrench, and a cleaning brush. It runs on a 2-Stage – 1400 watt motor.


Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System offers a lot of great benefits and advantages.

  1. High transfer efficiency and delivery rates: Owing to the sprayer’s high volume, low pressure (HVLP) spray system, Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 spray gun allows users to save time, money and material. It operates with high transfer efficiency so it produces less overspray and more of your material ends up on the surface than in the air. It works with high delivery rate so you can cover a large surface in less time.
  2. High quality of finish: HVLP spray guns, in general, are known for the fine and smooth finish they are able to produce, especially if the sprayer has the proper settings and the right ratio of pressure and air volume.
  3. Light-weight and easy to handle: The Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 is engineered as a light weight spray gun with a convenient handle that allows the user to move and carry it with great ease.
  4. Affordable: Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System is packed with great features that are definitely worth more than the sprayer actually costs. Thus, you get not just value for your money but also highly satisfying results.To be able to enjoy Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System’s full benefits, be sure to observe the following simple and practical tips before, during, and after painting. These are particularly helpful for first time users and DIYers who have not gone through professional trainings but want to achieve a professional finish.
  5. Clear your area and clean your surface: Having a clean surface free of dust, dirt and debris is crucial for achieving a flawless and smooth finish. Moreover, while HVLP sprayers generate less overspray, it would still be a good idea to cover the areas that you do not intend to spray paint on. Doing so will also allow you to focus on working on your surface with no worries.
  6. Use safety gears: Wearing goggles, gloves, overalls, and mask or respirator can help keep you from inhaling or getting harmed by the chemicals present in the paint.
  7. Spray from the right distance: Keeping the proper distance between your surface and your sprayer is crucial for creating a nice spray pattern and coating thickness, and for getting higher transfer efficiency for your material.
  8. Remove clogs and build ups: Paint build ups can clog the sprayer tip and affect your sprayer’s performance. To avoid build ups that can slow down your sprayer’s delivery rate, occasionally check your sprayer’s tip and remove clogs and build ups.
  9. Clean and store the sprayer the proper way: After painting, make sure you follow the instructions for cleaning and storing the sprayer as provided for in the quick guide and manual. This will help you keep your sprayer in good working condition for future use.


Users of Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System may encounter some performance issues when working with thick paints or materials, which can be one of its limitations.

Other than that, the Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System remains a good choice and a top contender among HVLP sprayers.

The Best Feature of the Product

Using Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System will surely make first time users and DIYers have a great time and experience painting because of the following features that sets Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 apart from the rest:

  1. The spray gun has a professional non-bleed type of functioning.
  2. It has an adjustable pattern fan control that lets its users choose their desired spray pattern.
  3. The spray gun has a 1.3mm air cap set installed in it and a 1 qt. bottom feed cup for the paint, which helps increase the sprayer’s delivery rate
  4. The metal turbine case with a handy gun holder makes it easy for the user to move and carry the unit.
  5. The 25-ft hose with quick connect coupler and which includes air control valve, helps reduce overspray, and increase transfer efficiency. It also allows the user to reach and cover high and wide surfaces.
  6. The 1400 watt 2-stage bypass motor allows the user to handle a wide range of coating as may be required by or appropriate for the surface.


First time DIYers who want a professional quality output for their paint projects would definitely be on right track working with Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System. For an affordable price, you can enjoy all the great features that make for a trustworthy and reliable paint sprayer that can meet your paint job requirements and exceed your expectations.

Graco-Sharpe 288878 FX3000

Product introduction

If you’re looking for a spray gun brand and type that lives up to its promises and is ideal for light industrial, hobby, spot repair, base coat, or clear coat paint jobs, then Graco-Sharpe 288878 FX3000 is the gun for you. Graco-Sharpe guns are highly dependable. The 288878 FX3000, a 1.0 mm HVLP Gravity Feed Spray gun, is lightweight, compact and features a large pattern size of up to 12.5 inches. The gun can be used with nozzles ranging from 1.0 to 1.8 mm, and comes with a 600 cc aluminium cup, wrench and cleaning brush.

The Best Feature of the Product

FX3000 definitely comes at par with high end paint guns in terms of transfer efficiency, even spraying, ease of use, ease of cleaning, and durability.


  1. HVLP System

With its HVLP system, paint is dispersed at a higher volume but with a much lower pressure than the traditional or conventional air spray gun. Thus, more paint ends up on your target surface and less paint ends up floating in the air making it not just an efficient but also an environment-friendly paint tool. Since it produces less overspray than its conventional counterparts, using HVLP spray guns has not just become an industry standard but is ordered by many local governments and is mandatory in several states.

HVLP guns emit paint particles at almost half the rate that a conventional spray gun does so you will need to spray to the surface at a closer distance. This allows for less overspray and for more of your paint to reach the surface.

  1. Small tip size

The small tip size is recommended for shooting thin materials such as single-stage paints, metallics, and pearls. It also atomizes and disperses paint particles fine enough for producing clearcoats.

  1. Fewer parts

FX3000 is said to have approximately 29 percent fewer parts than the previous Finex models.

The soft texture of spray that HVLP guns are able to produce makes them ideal for applications where high level of control at the gun is needed by the user.


Because of its high transfer efficiency and since it has only few parts that need to cleaned and maintained, the FX3000 offers a high level of durability, and is less prone to wear-and-tear, and repairs and replacements.


For one to have greater appreciation of the benefits and advantages of using HVLP spray guns such as the Graco-Sharpe 288878 FX3000, it would be important to understand the limitations and disadvantages of its conventional counterparts.

Some of the commonly known limitations and disadvantages of the conventional non-HVLP air spray guns include the following:

  • – Uses older technology
  • – Poor transfer efficiency
  • – Produces very high amounts of overspraysince paint is released at high pressure and velocity that make the paint particles bounce off upon hitting the surface
  • – Wastes around 65%-70% of the material
  • – Not environment-friendly
  • – Outlawed by the EPA in many industries

Understandably, conventional non-HVLP spray guns have become less and less popular among spry gun users. The high cost of material and of contemporary paints as well as the EPA limits and regulations set by local governments for the industry including wood and auto finishing markets have forced homeowners, contractors and professional painters to look for a better  alternative that offers not just high transfer efficiency but are also compliant with applicable environmental laws.

Such a need paved the way for the advent of high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spray guns such as the Graco-Sharpe 288878 FX3000 that have the following benefits and advantages not offered by the conventional non-HVLP air spray guns.

  1. Material savings and high transfer efficiency

Since a high volume of material is emitted at a low pressure level, more amount of paint sticks onto the surface and less paint particles escape into the atmosphere as overspray. Thus, you get higher percentage of material savings, which then translates into money savings.

  1. EPA compliant and approved by the government


As discussed earlier, the ability of HVLP spray guns such as the Graco-Sharpe 288878 FX3000 to transfer the material onto the surface with a high level of efficiency, which reduces the amount of paint particles that is released into our atmosphere makes it not just a practical but also an environment-friendly alternative to the conventional non-HVLP air spray guns.

  1. High quality finish


With Graco-Sharpe 288878 FX3000, spray pattern is easy to control, which allows for creating an even and smooth material application that is crucial for getting a satisfying and high quality finish.


  1. Ease of use and cleaning


The Graco-Sharpe 288878 FX3000 is a great gun for beginners. It is very simple and easy to use and to clean as it has fewer parts. Replacement parts are also readily available in case you will need them.


  1. Very affordable


If you want value for your money, you won’t be disappointed with the Graco-Sharpe 288878 FX3000. It offers the same or even better quality than its high end counterparts at an affordable and reasonable price.



Knowing a tool’s limitations and disadvantages is just as important as knowing its benefits and advantages. This will help you weigh your options and make the right choice for your need.

While the Graco-Sharpe 288878 FX3000 is highly able to keep its promises of increased transfer efficiency, satisfying quality finish, and ease of use, it comes with quite a slow outflow rate of material and takes a while to lay down paint on the surface. Thus, it may not be ideal for doing large-scale paint jobs.

Customer Score, customer reviews


Since the Graco-Sharpe 288878 FX3000 was released in the market, it has been receiving high feedback scores and a lot of great reviews from DIY-users, homeowners, contractors and professional painters.



In conclusion, the Graco-Sharpe 288878 FX3000 is one spray gun that can give you great value for your money, high efficiency for your material, great and satisfying paint job outputs, and a great paint job experience without making too much harm and damage to our environment.


Detailed Analysis Of The Reliable HVLP Paint Sprayers

Product introduction
Whether you are only doing a simple refinishing project or a huge wood project, getting the best refinishing equipment is very important. Getting the basic information on the equipment is also vital. The newest versions of these refinishing equipments are the high volume low pressure paint sprayers. These are the perfect equipments for people who love tackling DIY projects.

If you need to know more about these sprayers, you need to checkout reliable HVLP paint sprayer reviews. These are the review that focus on the renowned brands such as Wagner paint sprayer reviews and are not biased in any way. This helps you get to know everything about the equipment, its operations, benefits attached and the challenges you will face from using it.
These sprayers are available in two different types. The first uses pre-existing equipment converting the traditional spray system into a high-volume low-pressure spray system. The second type operates off an air turbine instead of the common air compressor delivering extremely high volumes of air at considerably low pressure. Thought the later is more costly than the air compressor, it is worth the investment as it brings efficiency and ease of operation.
HVLP system components

• Non-bleeder gun
This is a term used to simply mean that when the trigger is released, the air flow stops automatically. Some sprayer guns use a two stage trigger where you will need to first peel air coming from the air cap. After this, you will need to trigger further for material flow to kick in.
• Maxum I HVLP spray gun
This is a component that clearly differentiates HVLP guns from conventional air spray guns. One of the major differences is size of its internal air ports. The size is highly magnified up to six times the size in conventional guns and this makes the able to atomize easily with high air volumes and low pressure.
The manner in which materials are moved out of the nozzle is another major difference. While a HVLP pressurizes the cup to force the material out, conventional guns create a vacuum to enable the material move from the cup through the nozzle. This explains the difference in the quality of spray given by these spray guns.
• Material flow adjustment
HVLP spray guns have material adjustment knobs. These are the knobs that control the amounts of paint leaving the cup. In most guns, the knob is located just above the nozzle at the heel of the spray gun.
To decrease the rate at which the paint is flowing, you will need to turn the adjustment knob clockwise. On the other hand, turning the knob in counter-clockwise direction increases the paint flow. Keep shifting this knob until when the right combination of air and paint is achieved.
• One way valve
This is also known as the serviceable check valve. It is specifically designed to allow air to flow into the cup. This puts the material under pressure and being a one-way valve the pressure is not released from the cup.
The one-way valve is very important as it prevents paint from seeping up into the air passage through the air tube. It also comes in handy in eliminating delays in the flow of material once you have triggered the gun. This gives a smooth solid flow thus great spraying results.
• Air hose
This is a commonly ignored component of the HVLP spray gun. Its main function is transferring air to the gun from the power source. The air hose can vary in length depending on the size of the turbine’s hose. Normally, the spray hose length will be twice that of the turbine hose length.
• Optional air inlet
There are different types of HVLP guns and this makes the air inlet location differ. Some spray guns have the air inlet located at the bottom of the handle. This is common in non-bleeder sprays. It other spray gun designs such as bleeder guns, the air inlet is located directly behind its air control valve.
If you have a non-bleeder gun, you can simply change it into a bleeder gun by removing the air control knob and replacing it with a plug which is supplied with the gun. Then, you can attach the air horse making it a perfect bleeder gun that will always discharge air while in use. This is very vital while spraying inside cabinets or lockers.
• External packing nut
This is a nut that is located directly in front of the spray’s trigger. Its main purpose is adjusting the packaging to maintain a seal around the needle.
How To Use The HVLP Sprayer Guns
The HVLP spray guns are popular in indoor painting jobs. The low pressure used comes in handy reducing over-sprays while painting. It also gives great results as it works perfectly with oil-based finishes. However, challenges may be experienced when using thicker and heavier latex paints. These challenges can be overcome through experimentation and paint preparation.
Paint preparation
Always ensure that you have thinned the latex paint and finishes before using them in the spray gun. The use of insufficiently thinned paints results to unsightly blobs or no paint at all which ruins the quality of your paint works. Always this the paint with water as directed by the paint producers to ensure that the quality of the paint is maintained.
Thinning is easy but needs to be done professionally. First, thin with 10 percent water and ensure that it is mixed thoroughly. Depending on the viscosity achieved, you can continue adding water and mixing the paint. Be sure not to use more than 25% water while thinning the paint.
Thinning alone may not give you the desired results and this makes it necessary to have additives. These additives are used to decrease the paint’s viscosity. The conditioners improve the paint’s ability to flow freely without thinning it and impairing its ability to cover and stick to the surface.
Spraying techniques
When using the HVLP spray guns, position your gun perpendicularly to the spray surface. This should be 1 to 8 inches from the surface. Spray parallel to the surface using smooth and controlled passes.
It is advisable that you make the first pass as a thin pass and let it tac before applying the second coat which should be heavier. Trigger your gun before starting a pass and be sure to release the trigger before stopping a pass.
The average pass should be 20 inches. This gives great results and avoids overuse of your paint. When making these passes, keep the gun perpendicular to the surface you are painting and overlap your passes approximately 50 % as this allow you to maintain consistency thus a professional finish.
The Purpose And Benefits Of Using HVLP Paint Sprayers
Reduced overspray
Overspray results in wastage of paint and HLVP paint sprayers ensure that a greater amount of paint reaches the surface. The more air and less pressure save on your paint while reducing pollution. This makes the HVLP guns economically and environmentally friendly.
Health and safety
The transfer efficiency of the sprayers is very high and this makes them very safe for the user. With these sprayers, you can be sure of having less paint in the pair and this makes them perfect for auto refinishes. This makes your workplace safe for paints.
Quality of finish
The HVLP spray gun is known to give great finishes. These sprays do not require you to buff the final coat to get good results. This cuts on your labor costs while speeding up your painting process.
The job will be done is the shortest time possible with the use of these advanced paint sprayers. This is because the guns have adorable transfer efficiency that ensures that a great amount of paint is delivered to the surface. This makes it easy to handle more tasks in a short duration.
Maintenance And Cleaning Of The HVLP Paint Sprayers
It is very important that you dissemble and clean your sprayer after every use. Here are the steps to follow.
1. Pour out the content and wipe the remaining paint in the cup with water for water borne paints or solvent for solvent based paints
2. Spray the content in a safe are until when all the paint is gone and the spray is clear
3. Remove the cup
4. Remove the sprayer’s fluid control knob
5. Remove the spring, with the fluid knob, and pull the needle from the rear of the sprayer gun.
6. Remove the air cup
7. Unthread the hex to remove the nozzle
8. Inspect the passage for paint traces and use a brush to clean the passage
9. Blow out the remaining water and reassemble the gun
HVLP paint sprayers remain to be the best paint sprayers currently available in the market. With these sprayers, you can be sure of getting the best color combination as wells as a clearly spread paint pattern. You will use the least time to paint a huge are and at the same time save on the paint used as the wastage will be low. These are the sprayers that will see your dream of handling DIY painting tasks successfully come true.

A Detailed Review Of HVLP Paint Sprayers

Whether you are working on a simple project or refinishing an old tub, getting the best paint sprayer will always make your work easy and save a lot of paint and time. As you will see in most HVLP paint sprayer reviews, HVLP paint sprays tower above other paint sprayers when it comes to the delivery of quality coats.

This is yet another insightful HVLP paint sprayer review that not only focuses on the pros of these amazing sprayers but also a detailed snippet of each and every amazing feature. Wagner paint sprayer reviews provide a detailed review of the best sprayers in the market and this will be no exception. It is one of those HVLP paint sprayer reviews that you read over and over just to get what is lacking in other reviews on the web.

HVLP paint sprayers have now become the spray equipment of choice among contractors, commercial and industrial finishers for their fine finish applications. This is a peck that no other paint sprayer will never portray giving HVLP sprayers the liberty to rule and dominate the painting industry.

 Introducing Wagner As The Leading HVLP Paint Sprayers Developer

Wagner SprayTech Corp is a Minneapolis based Wagner Holding Inc subsidiary that has proven time and again to be the leading paint applicators suppliers. This is a company that manufactures and markets essential painting products used to prepare surfaces, apply coatings and cleanup surfaces after painting.

Popular Products Developed By Wagner

Great innovation and adoption of high technology has been seen in most Wagner products which include;

  • Wagner 0518080 – This is a modern sprayer that is equipped with high pressure low pressure technology and an amazing control spray max. Its adjustable nozzle makes it unique as it allows you to choose vertical, horizontal or round configurations.
  • Wagner 0518050 – This is a HVLP sprayer that adopts the latest technology that allows you maximum control with the 3 spray patterns. The variable control trigger also helps you to get the job done very fast whether you are painting outside or indoors.
  • Wagner 0520000– This is a power Tex powered sprayer that features a built-in turbine. This turbine has ample power to spray your texture to your target surface, maybe ceiling, and is simple enough for quick touch-up jobs.
  • Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 – this is an indoor paint sprayer that is not only portable but very reliable when it comes to the delivery of smooth coats. The 890 paint system has an integrated storage and comes with innovative ispray nozzle that works perfectly with broad surfaces.

The Advantages Of Using HVLP Pain Sprayers

  • Transfer efficiency -The low pressure present in HVLP paint sprayers causes low viscosity of the particles. This way, the sprayer sprays without developing fog. The absence of fog means that the spray gets to the desired destination ensuring effective transfer of the particles.
  • Maintenance – this is a sprayer that requires little maintenance and servicing. This can be attributed to the low pressure as there is no high pressure exerted on most of its parts. With only a quick cleanup, the sprayer will be good to go which makes it reliable and friendly to all.
  • Safety – The fact that these sprayers adopt a technology that is based on low pressure and high volume makes them very safe for the user. The likelihood of accidents happening when using these sprayers is very low whether you are working indoors or outdoors.
  • Control – The HVLP paint sprayers come with an attached regulator that helps you to control the pressure there in. this means that you can always bring the pressure down if you realize that the pressure is too much in the sprayer. More to this, you can control the fan size which then controls the rate of paint flow.
  • Eco-friendly – HVLP paint sprayers can be crowned as the most eco-friendly paint sprayers. This is because the sprayers are very efficient with only a little paint going to waste. It is for this reason that these sprayers have achieved great acceptance all over the world.

The Key Features Of A HVLP Paint Sprayer

A spray gun – This spray gun is one of the most important features of the HVLP paint sprayers. The spray gun has an exclusive and unique side mounted pattern control knob that allows you to adjust the fan size with ease. It efficiently allows the user to switch from large to small patterns or anywhere in between.

With most guns being non-bleeding guns, the air that passes through the sprayer guns will only be released once the trigger is pulled. This results to low blowing thus less turbulence in the spray area. Low paint buildup is also experienced at the tip.

High efficient aircap – The HVLP paint sprayers have a standard aircap that measures 1.3mm. This aircap is perfectly suited for enamels, latex, lacquers and water based coatings. These highly efficient aircaps give the user a cleaner spray patter with little overspray and mist in the air.

Turbines – All the turbines used in HVLP paint sprayers are industrial rated. This means that they are not only acceptable but also very safe for the user. These turbines are enclosed in durable heavy duty steel case that makes it secure and also long lasting. It also has a separate push-button beaker and an easy to reach rocker switch.

Hi-flex hose – This is a hose that comes with most HVLP paint sprayers and goes a long way in enabling you use the sprayer to paint a huge area. It is a solid plastic hose that is hard, stiff and not affected by different temperatures. This is a hose that will not be stiffened by emissions of plasticizers making the perfect hose for any sprayer.

Air control valve and quick connect – This is a unique feature that allows you to control the pressure in the sprayer. After the thinning is done, you can always control the amount of air in the sprayer. This allows you to tweak the air until when the coat levels look good and smooth. This ensures that you are getting the least overspray when using the sprayer.

HVLP Paint Sprayer Safety Notes

Fire and explosions – Fire and explosions are the most dangerous occurrences. These unfortunate occurrences seem to be very friendly when it comes to paint and other oil-based projects. With most wood finishes being oil-based and the solvents such as mineral spirits being flammable, the probability of fire breaking out is very high. 

Spraying oil-based finishes and solvent vapors can be explosive and it I for this reason that you will need to keep the doors and windows open. Also avoid spraying near open flames or hot surfaces as this can attract flames or even huge explosions.

Health risks – your health should always be at the top of your priorities. When working with petroleum solvents, it is normal to feel light-headed. This can be said to be a common effect but the major problem is that these solvents dissolve fatty myelin around the nerve cells.

Myelin is very essential in the body as it acts as an electrical insulation around the brain and nerves and when it is dissolved the brain can short circuit.  To avoid this, you need to have protective gear when using the HVLP paint sprayer. This includes aprons, gloves, gas masks and goggles.

Overspray – HVLP paint sprayers go a long way in controlling overspray but the fact is that you will still be getting some overspray. If you are spraying indoors, this overspray can spread all over the room making it unfriendly.

The problem can be escalated when spraying outdoors as the overspray can fall on cars resulting to files for damages. Though the overspray can be wiped off like dust, this may not work all the time. To be safe enough, always ensure that you are using the control knob to control the sprayer’s spray before using it as this will ensure that the overspray is at its minimum.  

The Ultimate Paint Sprayers Buying Guide

Painting ranks among the most engaging and lucrative hobbies. This can be attributed to the fact that it not only allows you to be creative and spruce your home in a way that you have always desired but it also saves you a lot of cash. You can easily transform your home interiors in a matter of hours and have great fun while at it.
Whole house interior painting and decoration need to be handled in the most professional manner. One of the essential tools that will always come in handy is the best paint sprayer. This is a mechanical device that helps you coat a large surface with a protective coating, mostly paint coating, quickly and in an even manner.
These paint sprayers work perfectly on different surfaces. This means that you can use them on wood, masonry, metal and brick. The wide range of use gives them the much needed versatility and makes them a perfect fit for any household project.

The Different Types Of Paint Sprayers

Conventional sprayers

These were the commonly used paint sprayers in the past decades and they are still available in the market. Basically, the conventional sprayers were designed to serve as an air compressor. It has for many years served as the best paint sprayer for furniture giving a smooth and thin finish.

Conventional sprayers

The conventional sprayer has the air compressor built into the paint sprayer. This makes it operate freely without being attached to an external air compressor. This being the case, you can expect them to be huge and heavy.
This sprayer has three main parts: the nozzle and trigger, paint basin and the air compressor. Once the paint basin is filled with paint, you can start your painting job by hooking up your sprayer to a power source and then pulling the trigger. The air compressor will give out compressed air which mixes and atomizes your paint or any other coating. This triggers a thin but smooth coat of paint to shoot through the nozzle enabling you to paint your surface.

HVLP Sprayers

HVLP Paint Sprayers

These are professionally designed sprayers mainly aimed at responding to the inefficiencies experienced with conventional sprayers. The HVLP can be said to be the best paint sprayers currently available in the market as they are known to give excellent results.

Their popularity is comes from the ability to combine high volume of air and low pressure. This gives 80% spray accuracy which is surely incredible. The combination of high volume and low pressure gives a smooth and fine coating that is not only accurate but also evenly distributed.

These amazing sprayers feature paint flow and airflow settings alongside an adjustable spray fan. These features offer great control thus can be used by anyone who needs to do their painting job immediately. You will however need to know that they are a bit slow in their operation.

Suggest some HVLP Paint Sprayer for you: Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max, Wagner Flexio 890, Wagner Flexio 590

Airless sprayer

Airless sprayer

These are the paint sprayers that work perfectly for huge projects where overspray is the least of concerns. They are normally powered by a gas motor, electric motor or a hydraulic motor. You can also find some which are powered by air compression.

These airless sprayers are the best gadgets to have if you need your job done in a short time. They are renowned for their brute power as they operate under high pressure. Their use enables you to create a uniform thick coating in a single spray eliminating the need to make multiple coats.
The airless sprayer will always serve as the best paint sprayer for home use as it is very effective in penetrating uneven surfaces and hard to reach cracks. The coats they deliver adhere extremely well thus less painting in the long run.

Cup sprayers

These are airless sprayers perfectly designed for small jobs, hobbies and craft projects. They have gained great popularity in most homes as they are not only cheap but also easy to use. It is actually the home paint sprayer that can be used by any member of the family including kids who are fascinated by art and painting.

All you need to do to use this amazing cup sprayer is fill the cup with paint, plug it to a standard outlet and start your painting task. It is that easy and the little preparation needed saves a lot of time. Most models have siphon attachments that allow you to draw paint directly from the sprayer’s can, simplifying your job further.

Product Classification

Conventional paint sprayers

  • Pump handle- Allows you to pump air into the compressor
  • Pressure gauge- measures the pressure inside the compressor ensuring that constant pressure is maintained.
  • Basin- used to hold the paint and any other coating fluid
  • Trigger- Used to control the flow of paint from the sprayer
  • Nozzle- controls and directs the paint spray to the surface

These sprayers are not as complicated as the modern sprayers. This makes it easy to understand how they work and what each feature will do for you. Most of your attention should be drawn to the air compressor, trigger, nozzle and the basin which are the main features in the sprayer. Once the basin is filled up with paint, you will only need to have the conventional sprayer hooked to a power source to get started.

HVLP paint sprayer

  • Easy pull trigger- this is the part that allows you to dispense paint from the sprayer gun
  • Stay cool handle- gives the user a firm grip of the sprayer while painting thus maintaining a smooth flow
  • Pressure from cup knob- this controls the pressure at which the paint leaves the cup
  • High efficiency air cup- ensures high accuracy in the paint spray that leaves the sprayer
  • Stainless steel springs- allow the user to control the trigger by springing it back once it is released

With this home paint sprayer, you need to be very careful about the pressure. Remember these are low pressure sprayers and this must be maintained all the time. Increasing the pressure may ruin the quality of spray leaving the nozzle.

Airless paint sprayers

1. Airless tip
2. Tip base
3. Airless spray gun
4. Swivel connector
5. Suction horse
6. Suction filter
7. Paint horse
8. Pressure regulator
9. On-off switch
10. Pressure gauge
11. Prime/spray valve
12. Drain tube
13. High pressure pump body
14. Airless filter

When using the airless sprayers, you can be sure of having high pressure. This being the case, the pressure regulator should always be set to the required standard. This is to avoid excessive pressure which can result to wastage of paint.

Cup airless paint sprayers

  • Cup- used to hold the paint
  • Nozzle- directs the paint to the desired surface
  • Air inlet- allows air to flow from the compressor into the sprayer
  • Trigger- enables the user to control paint flow from the sprayer
  • Fluid adjustment- controls the amount of air entering the sprayer to ensure a smooth combination of air and paint

The use of this cup sprayer allows you to handle small tasks with ease. It doesn’t require huge capital input and this makes it the best paint sprayer for home use.

The Advantages Of Using Paint Sprayers For Your Home Projects

When using paint sprayers, you will realize that you have a number of benefits over using a roller. Most of these benefits are common in these sprayers whether you are using the old conventional sprayers or the modern sprayers. Among the common benefits that you will always enjoy include.

  1. Speed and accessibility. The use of a sprayer allows you to paint faster than you would if a brush or roller was used. This is because you do not need to keep running the sprayer over the same place as the tiny paint particles emitted from the sprayer ensure a quick and complete coverage. These sprayers will work perfectly for you in corners and nooks that would be hard to paint using a brush.
  2. Even coating. It is quite hard to achieve a smooth finish with a brush or a roller. This makes a paint sprayer a great tool to have as it gives a fine mist that envelops the surface fully. The sprayers give a great shade while working on furniture, window frames and stairs and even on walls and still give a smooth coating.
  3. Variety. Paint sprayers come in different types and sizes making them a perfect fit for homeowners, professional painters and contractors. Depending on the project you want to handle, you can choose from the wide range of home paint sprayers that will always be available to you. This eliminates the limitations you used to experience while using rollers.

The paint sprayers are also unique in their design and perform differently. As you will see in the table below, most of the benefits are the same but every new development comes with an added advantage.

Safety Tips When Using The Product

Using the paint sprays at home is very common and this makes it necessary to know the health and safety measures that need to be adopted.


Ventilation is very vital when it comes to the use of any paint sprayer. As you paint, the tiny particles are pushed into the surrounding air and can be fatal if inhaled. This makes it necessary to have air flowing freely into the room and avenues to enable the air flow out should also be provided. Have all the windows and doors open when handling any painting job.


It is ok to have the sprayer’s pressure set at its maximum while doing outdoor projects. This is however not the case when it comes to indoor projects. The particles used to handle outdoor projects are a bit more durable than those used indoors. This being the case, high pressure indoors can indent indoor walls giving poor results. Make a point of testing the pressure before beginning any spraying task.


Ladders cause a great safety hazard regardless of their location. The danger is more pronounced if the ladders are indoors. It can be very dangerous to try to use a sprayer whose hose does not stretch the whole length. This is because your attention will not be at the sprayer in most cases and this can result in accidents.
Do not try to prop the sprayer. Instead, look for a sprayer with a longer hose. This is to avoid injuring yourself. More to this, do not lean too much while on the ladder. It is advisable that you move the ladder if there is an area that you cannot reach.

Health protection

The interior of a room has controlled air flow. This means that the use of any sprayer will contaminate the little available air. To ensure that you are not inhaling these paint particles, it is advisable that you have a mask on all the time.

Wearing protective clothing such as aprons, gloves and helmets is also important. Try as much as possible to avoid any paint contact with your skin. This will not only keep your skin free from any infections but will also make it easy for you to clean up.

The paint used in most painting work is known to affect the eyes. To ensure that your eyes are properly protected while using a paint sprayer, always have your goggles ready. These will allow you to see where you are painting while protecting your eyes from the harmful particles.


Getting the best paint sprayers can drastically change how your painting job is handled by increasing the speed and quality. There are numerous types of sprayers and making the right decision is very important. This is an investment that needs to be handled with care ensuring that the sprayer you are buying will last for as long as possible. it should be able to cover your entire project without demanding replacement.
A painting sprayer will only be the right fit for your job if it offers efficiency and value for money. Weigh between the conventional sprayers, HVLP paint sprayers, airless sprayers and the cup sprayers to determine what will work best for you. While one sprayer is strong at one point, the other is strong at another and determining your needs first will help you know which sprayer is strongest in your field of interest.
One thing you can be sure of is that there will always be a paint sprayer that works for you. You only need to determine your needs and make the move to get the sprayer that will serve you best.

Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Maximum HVLP Sprayer

Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer

Among the best types of paint sprayer that you can get available in the market is the actual Wagner 0518080 Max HVLP Sprayer. It provides durability, versatility top quality and overall performance level. The Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer may be the perfect solution for all your big piece of painting jobs.

You’re able to choose in between three spray patterns that offer the greatest in flexibility, and the actual 20-foot air hose enables you to extend your own reach to any or all new measures. Material changes really are a snap because of the Lock-n-Go entrance end.
Wagner HVLP Sprayer is really simple to use that it causes it to be ideal with regard to homeowners as well as do-it-yourselfers which are perhaps attempting a sprayer away for the very first time. The two air filters supply the finish along with protection through dust.
This is among the most flexible and cost-effective fresh paint sprayers available on the market, from the name which painters usually trust Wagner. For more details read the Wagner paint sprayer reviews and you will make out a lot about this sprayer.

Feature of the Product:

◙ Offer Smooth, Processed and Overall Quality Result:
This Wagner 0518080 is well-designed in order to achieve excellent outcomes for the painting functions. Because from the specialized functions associated about this item, you may surely expect what you need towards work.

◙ Efficient to Use and Simple to Clean:
You can simply use this particular sprayer for the painting jobs and you can also thoroughly clean it up quite easily. That’s why you may also say that it only demands low maintenance when cleansing the device.

◙ Adjustable Spray Patterns Support Different Supplies:
Lightweight however powerful, this useful tool creates in just moments. It includes a viscosity mug that enables you to measure the actual density from the material you are using as well as adjust the actual spray design as required.

◙ Two-Staged Turbine for Painting and Discoloration Projects:
Using the Control Squirt Max, you may spray a number of different paints, primers, lacquers, as well as stains. Utilize it to perfect and fresh paint cabinets, doorway trim, as well as decks, in order to stain furnishings, woodworking tasks, and much more.

Pros of the Product

● Top quality oil based paint can be used.
●This particular sprayer is really a bleeder type that will blow air continuously.
● It’s very easy to utilize as possible spray pushing the trigger along with controlling the nozzle.
●It may be used with regard to painting vehicles, ceilings, fencing etc.
● The actual painted area may also be cleaned up while using sprayer within the reverse design.

Cons of the Product:

● A little bit noise is complained during painting.
● A small nozzle is essential to control the air pressure efficiently.
● Some problems are noticed when observed painting the actual ceiling vertically.

Customer Reviews:

This isn’t the very first Wagner product which I have purchased. I purchased another Wagner sprayer not long ago. I meant to use the actual sprayer in order to refinish my personal kitchen cupboards. After performing several cupboard doors, I didn’t obtain the results which I wanted. Since I was not satisfied, I informed the Wagner technical support team and they solved the issue instantly.
The sprayer is actually light and it has lots of power. The sprayer can also be easy to wash. If spraying bigger areas, the sprayer includes two cups to keep more fresh paint. This ensures that you don’t have to maintain on refilling the actual cups.
The client score of the product on Amazon is actually fantastic. This sprayer got 4.2 out of 5 stars from 570 customer ratings. Customers purchased it with regard to painting cupboards, wooden doorways, decks, steel, furniture and much more. They also have left a few exceptional reviews. So it is an excellent sprayer and you can purchase it for you personally.

Benefit of Using the Product:

Wagner HVLP is very much beneficial for the painters. Some beneficial tips are as follows:
Step 01: Powerful Engine:
Compared to other items, the Wagner Fresh paint Sprayer is really a definite pressure to think with regard to painting. In the end, it features of huge power, mostly due to the two-stage generator. Rated nicely for outside painting duties, it delivers a continuing flow associated with paint. Whether you’re painting yard furniture or even staining your own deck, this product provides you with the opportunity to enjoy an expert finish – on your own.
Step 02: Suitable for all Surfaces:
Most fresh paint sprayers can only work nicely with a particular product or simply one area, but that isn’t the case using the Wagner 0518080. Designed with High Quantity, Low Stress air technologies, you may use various kinds of paints, unsightly stains, lacquers as well as primers. It’s also fitted by having an efficient Manage Spray Maximum, which enables you to work upon basically something!
Step 03: Perfect Finish:
Most Wagner 0518080 reviews would agree that this sprayer is great in numerous facets. Amongst these several benefits is the truth that this machine provides perfect, sleek finish.
The Wagner Fresh paint Sprayer can make painting quality possible using its two large air filter systems. It removes the particles that may otherwise ruin the sleek finish. With this particular feature, you don’t have to be worried about dust or even other grains destroying your paintwork.
Step 04: Easy to Use:
Cleaning up is equally as easy as you only have to devote ten minutes of your time to thoroughly clean the Wagner Fresh paint Sprayer. Simple to assemble and simple to tidy up, this sprayer will save you time. You can do much more painting as well as staining.

How You Can Install the Product:

Installing the actual sprayer is really much easy.
Firstly open up the hopper as well as empty this if prior paints exist. Take your selected color as well as pour it to the hopper as well as tightly locking mechanism the stick. Assemble the actual blower pipe using the hopper and begin the motor.
One thing like a precaution here’s that the actual sprayer shouldn’t be triggered vertically since the paint within the container might fall outdoors and cause you to things broke with unimportant colors.
Keep in mind to refill the hopper prior to it will get empty whenever painting slim surfaces. User manual will be helpful for you personally if it’s your very first attempt associated with painting.
Therefore further any difficulty in installing sometimes appears you might contact to the customer support for assistance.

Maintenance of the Product:

Maintenance is one of the crucial subjects to keep perfect your goods. Some vital maintenance tips are as follows:
Daily Maintenance:
The only regular maintenance is necessary for your product thorough cleansing. Follow the actual cleaning procedures with this manual.

Prolonged Maintenance:
Some pump motor parts eventually need replacing from use and should be replaced. The next list signifies the obtainable repair kits for that parts changed by every kit.

Clean the Inline Valve:
1. Unscrew the actual inlet control device assembly in the unit having a crescent wrench.
2. Remove extra paint or even rust in the ball as well as seat or even replace along with new components from package.
3. Inspect the actual inlet O-ring about the inlet control device. Clean or even replace, and lubricate having light home oil.
4. Reassemble ball, carbide chair, and O-rings within the order proven below to the inlet control device.
5. Install inlet nut back to inlet control device.
6. Make certain the inlet control device O-ring is actually installed on the inlet control device, then set up entire inlet control device assembly back to unit. Tighten by having an adjustable wrench.


In conclusion I wish to articulate that Wagner 0518080 Sprayer is an excellent invention for modern civilization. For novice painters or who wish to paint a number of things in the house, this piece of art sprayer is simply awesome.
It delivers the very best in your own affordable budget and provide finest piece of art experiences. It’s also now position number one on the market and the genuine manufacturers provide most priority towards the customers. Why are you waiting for? Go and get this sprayer as well as make everything colorful around you.

Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station

Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890
Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890

Have not had any success finding the paint sprayer that meets your high quality standards and suits your paint job requirements down to the smallest detail? Well, do not fret just yet ‘cause there is still the Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station that is sure to leave your expectations unmet no more. It is a portable HVLP paint sprayer that can be used for both indoor and outdoor paint jobs, features the trailblazer iSpray nozzle technology for broad surface coverage and the Detail Finish nozzle for fine finishing, as well as the X-boost Power Box, which conveniently houses the sprayer parts and turbine.

Detailed structure of each part of the product

This paint sprayer weighs 14.4 pounds, has product dimensions of 19.2 x 13.2 x 11.5 inches, and delivers a flow rate of 0.14 gallons per minute.

The unit comes with the following parts and components:

  • iSpray nozzle
  • Detail Finish nozzle
  • 1-1/2-qt. cup on the iSpray nozzle
  • 20 fl. oz. cup on the detail finish nozzle
  • 11.5 ft. air hose
  • X-Boost power box houses the turbine and provides storage for the hose/handle and two nozzle and cup assemblies
  • Adjustable trigger to control material flow for ideal material application

The unit also comes with a replaceable filter.


The paint sprayer definitely lies on top of the line as it has proven to be another great tool from Wagner, one of the top and trusted names in the paint sprayer manufacturing industry, which offers flexibility, convenience, efficiency, and quality.

1. Flexibility

Flexibility is definitely an advantage that individuals with paint job missions are looking for in a paint sprayer. Fortunately, this paint sprayer is incredibly flexible as it can be used for interior and exterior paint jobs, and can spray thick and unthinned materials. This sprayer, which comes with an iSpray nozzle and Detail Finish nozzle, is also great for covering wide surfaces, and for creating fine finishes.

2. Convenience

The Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890’s X-Boost Power Box houses the iSpray and Detail Finish nozzles, the 11.5 foot hose and the handle with integrated power dial for easy storage. It also keeps the weight of the unit on the floor so the user can work and move conveniently without putting too much weight and strain on the user’s arms and hands.

3. Efficiency

This paint sprayer’s X-Boost Turbine has adjustable control features, and generates unparalleled spraying power that allows for full coverage with high transfer efficiency and low overspray. Thus, you’ll be able to work with high efficiency, as well as save a good deal of time, money and energy.

4. Quality

If you are someone who demands superior quality and durability for every centavo you spend on a tool, then this paint sprayer’s highly durable materials, excellent design and engineering would definitely be worth your every penny.


Some few defects attributed to manufacturing errors have been quickly resolved and replaced so it is definitely safe to say that the Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station continue to live up to high standards as expected from every product carrying Wagner’s name.

The Best Feature of the Product

1. Wide coverage and high delivery rate

With a maximum pressure of 3 psi and a flow rate of 8.4 gallons per hour, the Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station can easily cover with unthinned latex paints an 80-square meter area in less than five minutes.

2. iSpray Nozzle

The paint sprayer’s patented iSpray nozzle trademark has no wearable parts so it can be used for a long time. It is also ideal for covering broad, interior or exterior surfaces with unthinned thick materials including paint and primer.

3. Detail Finish Nozzle

For a fine finish and smooth surface when doing indoor or outdoor paint projects, use the Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station’s Detail Finish nozzle.

4. Adjustable controls

If you’d need to change the spray pattern, material flow, and air power, you need not go to the base as you can easily adjust the settings with its all-in-one handle.

5. Lock-n-Go feature

Detaching the nozzle from the gun when changing your material or cleaning the sprayer can be easily done with Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890’s Lock-n-Go feature.

6. X-Boost Power Box

Another great feature that this paint sprayer can boast of is that it comes with an X-boost power box, which houses the turbine and is designed to fit the hose/handle and two nozzle and cup assemblies for safe and proper storage. It also keeps the weight of the turbine on the ground so you can work with less strain and more comfort.

7. X-Boost Turbine

Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station runs on its X-Boost Turbine, which allows for adequately powered control, coverage, and material transfer and reduced overspray levels.

8. Easy-to-fill cups

The unit also has easy-to-fill cups with directional suction tube so you can finish your projects fast.

Customer Score, customer reviews

To date, Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station has received from its users an average overall rating of 4.3 stars out of a perfect 5. Sixty-one percent of those who rated this product gave it five stars and nineteen percent gave it a rating of four stars.


With Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station, you can definitely expect great results for your indoor or outdoor paint projects. If you have a broad surface to take on and would be painting for a long time, you would benefit largely from this tool’s low weight, iSpray nozzle, easily adjustable control triggers, and high power and delivery rate. With its Detail Finish nozzle, you can also simply create a fine, professional-looking, and smooth finish.

For a fairly affordable price, you get to take advantage of all of its great features. You’ll also be sure to meet the high level of flexibility, convenience, efficiency, and quality that you can expect from any product made by Wagner.